Club "Bee Friends"

Club "Bee Friends"


The Bee Club is for people fascinated by honeybees who want to learn more about what they do and how they survive.  Members will have the opportunity to inspect hives every four weeks from April to August plus an extraction event in September so six hands-on experiences in total.


Beekeeping can be an expensive hobby and is a commitment to look after honeybees throughout summer.  By becoming a Member, you won't have to invest in bees, hives, extracting equipment, or even a bee suit which is provided for all inspections.  


We shall look at colonies building up in spring and naturally preparing for swarming. We shall check on the honeybees when their foraging activities are intensified, when colonies peak in numbers and build up their stores to be used in winter time. We will look for signs of diseases or unusual brood patterns. Queen rearing methods and techniques will be covered during the inspections. Finally we shall experience how to harvest the surplus honey, uncapping frames and extract honey. Each session will last approximately one and a half hour. 


Hive inspections scheduled for 2022:


Sunday 24 April

Sunday 22 May

Sunday 26 June

Sunday 24 July

Saturday 28 August

Sunday 25 September


All sessions start at 14.00 and finish at 15.30 approximately.


Membership runs for a 12 months period  and all Members will receive regular email updates on the status of the colonies and bees.   10% discount on all our products will be available throughout the year.


If Members are unable to attend a hive inspection, we shall endeavour to find an alternative date although this cannot be guaranteed. Hive inspections are subject to weather conditions as it is not possible to open the hives when it is raining or if it is too cold.  In this situation, the inspection date will have to be rearranged