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2024 One Day Beekeeping Course on May 11th

2024 One Day Beekeeping Course on May 11th


We aim to provide all participants with a solid knowledge of beekeeping and beekeeping practices.


Topics to be covered

  • Worker bees, drones and queens
  • Apiary and environment
  • Beehives: components and sections
  • Inspections: why and what to look for
  • Bee health
  • Rearing your own queens
  • Extracting honey
  • Overwintering colonies


Our one day beekeeping course is structed in 3 parts:

  • Part One - Learning with written material to take away with you
  • Part Two - Hands on inspecting colonies of honeybees
  • Part Three - Discussion/re-cap of what was covered during the day.


Then, all participants are welcome back after approximately 4 weeks for a catch-up session, theory and practical, on anything they are unsure or need re-visiting.  The idea is that aspiring beekeepers will start looking after their own colonies and are able to come back to us for reviewing anything previously taught.  It is important to maintain contact with new beekeepers and build up a solid knowledge network. 


Course Timetable:

09.30am till 12.00 for Part One

12.00 Lunch Break – please come with your packed lunch, drinks are provided

12.30 to 14.30 for Part Two

14.30 to 15.30 Part Three


Aim of the course:

to all those people interested in becoming beekeepers and those ones wanting to brush up on their beekeeping skills.    So you may have already decided to become a beekeeper, or you feel a bit unsure what is like to be a beekeeper.  You may have been a beekeeper some time ago looking for a refresh course or you currently are a beekeeper looking for some additional hands on experience and knowledge.  The course is a fine balance between theory and practice.


Beesuits and gloves are provided, please come with suitable closed shows, boots or wellies at best.  You will be issued with a Certificate at completion of the course.  And also rewarded with a jar of local raw honey, and 10% discount voucher valid for 10 days on more honey or natural skin care products.


We also have several sites available for new beekeepers who are looking for a spot where to keep their colony if they can't or do no wish to keep them at their own place

If the forecast is not good enough for us to open the hives we will re-schedule the course date. In the unlikely event that we don't have enough participants to run the course may ask you to change your booking.

Course dates:

Saturday May 11 with Catch-up Session on Saturday June 08


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