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At Bee Friends, we are most happy when we look after our honeybees and spend time with them, literally.

Everyone knows about the importance of honeybees as pollinators and as well as supporting them in a sustainable environment, we thrive to talk about them to as many people as possible.  That's why our bee demonstrations and talks always overrun and people literally have to stop me talking!

Honey is made by the honeybees so that they can eat it and survive over winter.  That's why we always make sure to harvest only a surplus.  And we do so by using traditional hand methods and without applying any heat during the whole process, which could negatively impact all nutrients and properties of the honey itself.  That's why we are able to offer raw honey.

Some of our surplus honey is converted in to beeswax products for you to purchase from our store, including local natural honey and natural skin care products.

Over the last few years, we have managed to introduce more colonies of honeybees into the local environment.  This has had a huge positive impact on the flora and fauna in the local areas.


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