Beekeeping Services

As local beekeepers in Guildford, we can provide a wide range of beekeeping services to people based across Surrey. Whether it’s helping to take care of your beehives to dealing with a swarm that’s made home at your property, you can count on Bee Friends for all your bee-related needs.

Our team are passionate about what we do and the bees are our top priority. We carry out all work in a sustainable manner and teach others how to do the same as well. We have worked in the Surrey area for many years and are well-known locally. For more information or to discuss something bee relevant with us, be sure to contact us today. One of the Bee Friendly team is always on hand to assist.


Swarm Collection

We are always happy to come out and collect a swarm of honeybees. Some swarms can end up on a low tree branch while others can opt for more awkward places to nest, difficult to access.  Swarms can move from one place to another in a matter of hours, so it is good to contact us as soon as you see one.  We can then come and collect them before they take off again.  A swarm of bees is at the mercy of the weather and very sadly not many survive outdoors unless collected and looked after.

We provide a brand new home: a wooden hive.  We check the bees for signs of disease and feed them afterwards.  And we leave a jar of honey for those who kindly call us out.

We do not charge for the collection.

Bee Talks & School visits

We are passionate about all things bee-related and can provide both talks and demonstrations to people in the local area. Whether it’s a day out with the family or a visit to a school, we can provide an engaging presentation on bees and how important they are to life on earth. We have a wealth of knowledge
and skills.

Bee Demonstrations & Bee Clubs

We offer bee-demonstrations at different sites for those people who are interested in honeybees, their health and the environment.  Throughout the years, we have been successful in changing the perspective, at times “stigma” and even phobia of honeybees by explaining what they do and how they live but also gently showing live bees to those people most afraid of them.


We also run Bee Clubs for those people thinking of or aspiring to become beekeepers.  We have sparked interest and desire in many people who have taken up beekeeping, particularly some very young new beekeepers that we all so much need for the future. 

Beehive in your garden

We supply and maintain colonies of calm and docile honeybees to private gardens and estates.  We inspect the colonies on a regular basis, safeguarding the health and development of the colony throughout the year.  Your plants and flowers will be pollinated by your own bees.  Regular progress updates.  Ten jars of you very own delicious honey!