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Beekeeping Services

As a local Bee Farmer in Guildford, we provide various services such as:

- Safe collection of swarms and bee nests

- Guided tours of our Bee Farm

- Bee talks and School visits

- Bee demonstrations handling live honeybees

- Bee Clubs for those with a keen interest on bees

- Training for aspiring beekeepers

- Beehives to private gardens and estates

Swarm and Bee Nests Collection

We are always happy to come out and collect a swarm of honeybees. Some swarms can end up on a low tree branch while others can opt for more awkward places to nest, difficult to access.  Swarms can move from one place to another in a matter of hours, so it is good to contact us as soon as you see one.  We can then come and collect them before they take off again.  A swarm of bees is at the mercy of the weather and very sadly not many survive outdoors unless collected and looked after.

We provide a brand new home: a wooden hive.  We check the bees for signs of disease and feed them afterwards.  We do not charge for the collection.

Guided tours of our Bee Farm

We are now taking bookings for guided tours of our Bee Farm: we will show you our honey room where we extract honey using different pieces of machinery; we will also show you our barn with several types of beehives and bee equipment we use; and you will be able to see up and close our honeybees at work inside some specially modified beehives with glass panels.  Tickets available from our Shop Page.

Bee talks and School visits

We offer talks on native honeybees and the challenging environment they live.  We normally bring along an empty beehive so that we can explain all different sections and components.

Similarly we visit Schools and talk to the children about the importance and role of honeybees.  We believe it is quite an educational experience and we don't charge for this service.

Bee Demonstrations and Bee Clubs

We offer bee-demonstrations at different sites: in the first part, we talk about the life of honeybees throughout the year and explain

the different sections and components of a typical beehive.  In the second part, we put bee-suits on and we look at the honeybees up and close inside a beehive handling various frames with honey and bees.  The whole experience lasts about one and a half hours.


We also run Bee Clubs for those people thinking of becoming beekeepers.  We have sparked interest and desire in many people

who have taken up beekeeping, particularly some very young new beekeepers that we all so much need for the future. 

Training of beekeepers 

We run one day full-immersion beekeeping training courses: theory in the morning and plenty of hands-on practice in the afternoon.  And we welcome back all participants about 4 weeks later for a catch-up session with any question or clarifications

they may need.

Beehive in your garden

We supply and maintain colonies of calm and docile honeybees to private gardens and estates. 

We inspect the colonies on a regular basis, safeguarding the health and development of the bees throughout the year.   It is a practical option for those people who perhaps do not have the time or knowledge to look after honeybees.  Pollination of your garden is guaranteed and you will also receive some very local honey.


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