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Bee Demonstration

Bee Demonstration


This is a two part session lasting one and a half hours approximately.  It starts with an introduction to honeybees and the environment they need to thrive.  We also give an overview into bee-keeping,with an insight into Bee-Farming practices.  You will learn about the equipment and tools used by bee-keepers and the different sections and components of a beehive.  In the second part, we will all put on beesuits and gloves and open beehives to look at live honeybees. You will handle the frames yourself, with honey and with bees, and you will enjoy a close-up view of the worker-bees, drones and perhaps even a glimpse of the queen herself!  After your demonstration, there will be a time for more questions and answers and tasting of the honey made by the bees themselves.  And you will be able to sample our honey mead too.

10% discount on all our products will be available on the day.


Children over 6 years are welcomed accompanied by an adult.


Dates for 2024 Bee Demonstrations hold at Bee Friends in Perry Hill:


Sunday 30 June

Wednesday 24 July

Sunday 31 August


Please specify your preferred date when booking, thank you.

All sessions start at 4pm and end at 5.30pm approximately.


Bee Demonstrations are weather dependent as it is not possible to open the hives when it is raining or if it is too cold.  In this situation, the session will be rearranged

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