Spring Nuc - £60 deposit for polystyrene ctr included

Spring Nuc - £60 deposit for polystyrene ctr included

4000 Grams

Six frame nuc of native British bees with British queen in standard National brood frames with brood at all different stages.  Our best colonies are selected in terms of resistance to diseases and viruses, and in terms of building up strong colonies on a double brood box and several supers.

This is a Spring nuc so will be available from end of May approximately. 

Bee Friends are DASH accredited (Disease Accreditation Scheme for Honeybees), which means all our nucleus comply in terms of quality and health with guidelines set by DEFRA/APHA.

Collection only.  Colonies are supplied in a polisterene nuc for a £60 refundable deposit if it is returned within 5 working days.