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 Welcome to Bee Friends
We are a local Bee Farmer, running thirty eight apiaries mainly in the Surrey Hills.

Our honeybees produce a wonderful natural honey, we collect only the surplus offering raw local honey to our customers.  Local because we manage over thirty three apiaries and are able to source it locally to where you live.

We use our honey to make traditional Honey Mead and we use our beeswax for making pure food wraps and candles.

Our honey and beeswax skin care products are handmade with 100% natural sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

All our honeybees are native British, we supply colonies of honeybees and queens to local beekeepers and farmers.

We run bee demonstrations at different locations and deliver talks on honeybees and the environment.  Our Bee Clubs are tailored for those aspiring beekeepers.  We regularly visit schools and engage with children locally.


Our Produce

Jane from Guildford

Dear Sergio,

thank you for my delivery. I am really pleased with it all.  The candles look lovely, and I am sure the honey will be delicious. With good wishes.


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